DeKalb In-Home Senior Care Provider to Close


LSSI1[1]Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) has announced that due to the Illinois budget stand-off, they will have to permanently close their Intouch Home Care in DeKalb, which provides in-home care services. They say this will leave 360 seniors without an in-home caregiver and 80 some people will lose thier jobs later this month. The office at 324 North Third Street in DeKalb will close down on February 22nd.

LSSI has had to rely on credit and foundation resources to make up for the money not received from the state and after seven months, can no longer provide services it is not being paid for.

In all, over 30 LSSI programs will be closing down; these range from alcohol and drug rehab and mental health counseling, to respite services, youth services and re-entry services for former prisoners. Some 750 LSSI employees will be losing their jobs across the state, representing 43 percent of their total work force.


  1. Luthern Social Services was bought by Help At Home… The clients have the choice to continue with services through Help At Home or another agency. The employees will become Help At Home employees. Yes it’s sad they’re closing, but no one is being left high and dry, not as of yet anyway. Yes something needs to be done with the budget or these closings will continue, but no one seems to realize that these people are not being left without service at this time.

  2. What idiot honestly believes this has anything to do with breaking the unions? This has everything to do with a State government that has been out of control for years. Refusing to take care of its responsibilities and just choosing to spend recklessly. If the democrats took care of the pension obligations like they were suppose to, there would be no issue with teachers pensions.

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