Does this belong in a museum?


sychistorymuseum2The Sycamore History Museum is inviting people to look through their house and see if they might have an item (or two) that could be part of the Sycamore History Museum’s collection. “We look for ordinary items from everyday life, in addition to those special unique pieces,” explained Michelle Donahoe, Executive Director. Donahoe will lead the program, ”Does this belong in a museum?” for the Museum’s February 4th Brown Bag lunch program.

brownbaglunchatdcedcDuring this talk, Donahoe will display a variety of items in the Museum’s collection, and explain why they are important. Visitors are also encouraged to bring something from home that tells a story connected to Sycamore’s history. This activity is part of an on-going project connected to SHM’s upcoming exhibit, “Faces of Sycamore.” A short questionnaire will also be distributed that invites people to think about how they have contributed to Sycamore’s history and asks people if they would be willing to be interviewed and/or share an artifact, photo, letters, etc.

Brown Bag lunches are on the first Thursday of the month. The program is held at 475 DeKalb Ave in the DeKalb County Community Foundation’s Freight Room from noon until 1pm. The program is free and open to the public, donations are welcome. For more information, call 815-895-5762 or visit