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Mark Kirk is well organized and funded for his bid to win reelection to his seat alongside of Dick Durbin as US Senator. But he will face challengers Dan Bronson and Jim Marter for the Republican nominee in the 2016 Primary Election.

Kirk has angered the more conservative wing of the GOP who are not-so-much liking the post ischemic stroke kinder, gentler version of the Senator — especially his improving relationship with Durbin. But the newer centrist version may in fact play better in the General Election as he will be tested by either Tammy Duckworth, Napoleon Harris or Andrea Zopp.

Whoever wins in November has a plate full of international affairs, national security and federal debt but meanwhile back in Illinois the Land of Lincoln needs their help:

From the Chicago Tribune:

Illinois Ranks

  • ilnopeWorse (now 48th, was 46th in 2010): Illinois is among the worst states for business, says Chief Executive magazine. The Wall Street Journal on March 20 listed Illinois “near the top of any fair survey” for worst-run state in America.
  • Worse (now 31st, was 30th): The business tax climate also is going in the wrong direction, according to the Tax Foundation. Illinois has dipped from an already below-average ranking in 2010.
  • Still 48th: No surprise, then, that employers are steering clear. The American Legislative Exchange Council says Illinois’ rate of job creation trails 47 other states, leading only Ohio and Michigan.
  • Worse (now second-worst, was ninth): The latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data — for January, seasonally adjusted — rank unemployment rates from a high of 9.2 percent in Rhode Island to a low of 2.6 percent in North Dakota. At 8.7 percent, Illinois ties with Nevada for second-worst. Illinois now has 376,099 fewer nonfarm jobs than in January 2008 — a drop of 5.9 percent.
  • Worse (now 47th, was 38th): Our overall economic performance, based on broad variables such as gross domestic product, has declined sharply and now ranks among the very lowest of the states, ALEC calculates.
  • Worse (now 48th, was 47th): Worse yet, the same study says our economic outlook is miserable and dropping — due to factors such as burdensome taxes and a high number of public employees as a share of the population. Illinois ranked a somewhat better 43rd in 2008.
  • Worse (now 17th, was 16th): Median household income of $55,137 — the amount of money coming in — has fallen. In inflation-adjusted dollars, it has dropped $1,098 per Illinois household from $56,235 in 2008, says the Census Bureau. Among other states, Maryland tops the list with a median income of $71,122; Mississippi trails at $37,095.

To be sure and to be fair the above rankings are mostly due to the dysfunction of the State of Illinois and its 6,963 local fiefdoms.  But Durbin and the 2016 winner are limited in their negotiating powers for trade and funding sources to bring back home to the state.

Don’t be surprised if the US Senate race in Illinois is decided by the state economy.

2016 Illinois U.S. Senate Elections


2016 Democratic Primary Candidates

tammy-duckworth[1]Tammy Duckworth
Currently: U.S. Representative from IllinoisDuckworth is focused on growing our economy by advocating for small businesses, investing in infrastructure, improving the lives of our Veterans and cutting government waste and fraud.

Duckworth campaign website    

d8111883ad4b0433880f6a7067008d1b_r900x493[1]Napoleon B. Harris III
Currently: Illinois State Senator

Harris says he’ll focus on the needs of Illinois residents, beginning with jobs. He said Illinois needs a huge amount of economic development throughout the state.

Harris campaign website  



zopp-97efb67b[1]Andrea Zopp
Former President & CEO of the Chicago Urban League and former Chicago School Board MemberZopp has dedicated her career to being a force of change. She has championed job creation, access to education, corporate responsibility and promoting economic development initiatives in underserved communities.

Zopp campaign website    


2016 Republican Primary Candidates

BronsonForSenate-headshot-635810666129770000[1]Dan Bronson

Currently: Corporate finance, restructurings and planning

Bronson believes lowering federal taxes is good, but insufficient and the federal government should tax states, not individuals.

Bronson campaign website

Official PortraitMark Kirk
Currently: Incumbent U.S. Senator from IllinoisKirk is always looking for ways to strengthen Illinois’ best competitive advantage – its transportation and logistics infrastructure – from making the Mississippi River an export drag strip for Illinois agricultural products to keeping O’Hare the world’s busiest airport.

Kirk campaign website

meetjim[1]Jim Marter
Currently: Executive EntrepreneurMarter wants to work together to bring the original purpose of our constitution and limited government back to our great nation, and return to our country’s foundations of LIFE and Liberty.

Marter campaign website


2016 Third Party or Independent Candidate

jbrownJim Brown
Currently: Teacher and coachBrown is running for U.S. Senator in order to give back to his local community and to restore the middle class.

Brown campaign website


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