Put insurance on your event planning checklist


Put insurance on your event planning checklistGrinnell Mutual LogoHappy Engagement! With the hours you pour into event planning, you want the big day to go off without a hitch. But accidents happen. No matter what the event – a wedding reception, small town festival, fair, or 5K – liability exposures exist for event organizers and landowners. Learn why you should add special event coverage to your planning checklist.

Why do I need special event coverage?

In a single word, the answer is: people. Whether your event welcomes a few hundred or several thousand, injuries and accidents could occur.

“Event goers may slip and fall or become ill from the food that is served. In some states, you could be held liable if a guest has too much to drink at your event, gets behind the wheel, and injures someone in an accident,” said Billy Blake, director of Big M Agency, a subsidiary of Grinnell Mutual “Many people don’t realize that their homeowner’s or general liability policy won’t extend to cover an event held off-premises.”

What types of events need coverage?

Call your local agent at Pardridge Insurance (815-758-4447) to learn more about whether your liability policy will cover your event. Contact your agent when you plan …

  • Wedding reception
  • Class or family reunion
  • Town festival or fair
  • 5K run/walk event
  • Anniversary celebration
  • Corporate event

Before your next special event, contact your Grinnell Mutual agent and check ‘insurance’ off your list. If the success of your event is weather-dependent, ask about weather insurance, too.


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