Pappas Glasgow Development and County Gov’t Partner to Construct Fence

Accepting a check on behalf of DeKalb County Government is Mary G. Simons, Secretary of the DeKalb County Public Building Commission from John Pappas representing Pappas Glasgow Development LLC.

Pappas Glasgow Development LLC and DeKalb County Government recently partnered to construct a new fence bordering their properties at the DeKalb County Cemetery located at 2351 Sycamore Road in DeKalb. During the last four years DeKalb County Government has approved ongoing renovations to its historic cemetery which provides a final resting place for the indigent of DeKalb County.

As part of those renovations the adjoining property owners, Pappas Glasgow Development, contributed landscaping and general contractor services, in addition to making a financial contribution. Their generous contributions will help beautify the county cemetery, where many veterans are buried, for years to come. It is indeed a pleasure to have a company in our midst that embodies a public spirit of giving. DeKalb County is glad to count them as a member of our community and proud to have them as a good neighbor and partner in this project.


  1. when that cemetery was created, most folks knew how to act civilly toward each other, and had a sense of responsibility toward themselves, their families, and their community…………but, now that the “gimme-gimme” society is so prevalent, …well, what can i say………

    • It would depend on a person’s beliefs.
      I know there is no person buried in any cemetery, only the coat they wore in life. The spirit has moved on after death, I believe they wouldn’t want us to continue to wail and moan about their passing, but to help each other in our lives going forward.
      So you see, I personally, see that fence not as a priority.
      Have a good life.

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