Suspect Arrested in Downtown DeKalb Burglary and Fire

Jacob Roodhouse
Jacob Roodhouse
Jacob Roodhouse

On May 18, 2016 at approximately 6:52 AM, the DeKalb Police Department responded to the 137 ½ East Lincoln Highway in reference to a Residential Burglary. The victim reported that when she returned to her apartment, she discovered the front door to the building was damaged and that someone then forced entry into her apartment. The suspect destroyed two televisions, a microwave and a cable box. The suspect gathered the victim’s clothes and placed the clothes on the victim’s bed. The clothes, bed sheet and a blanket were burned. The clothes smelled strongly of lighter fluid.

Detectives processed the scene and collected evidence which included blood samples that was left by the suspect. It is believed that the suspect cut themselves during the burglary.  The victim suspected that a friend of hers may have broken into her residence and destroyed her property. The victim received a text message from that friend stating that he was going to destroy her apartment. This text message was received on the night of May 17 th .

Investigators located Jacob Roodhouse in the 500 block of College Avenue. Roodhouse is the person who threatened to destroy the victim’s apartment. Roodhouse had an obvious injury to his right hand that had dried blood on it.

Jacob E. Roodhouse, 25 years of age, transient, was charged with Attempt Residential Arson (Class 2 Felony), Residential Burglary (Class 1 Felony) and Criminal Damage to Property (Class 4 Felony).

The contents of this press release are based upon the best information available to the DeKalb Police Department.  The statements regarding the conduct of any person identified above are allegations until affirmatively proven in Court.  All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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