DeKalb Changing Parking Restrictions


dekalbparkingThe Public Works Department and Community Development Department have been working on evaluating the parking restrictions throughout the City. Staff proposed changes to the parking restrictions for Wards 5,6, and 7 have been completed. The next step of the project is to gather citizen input. Input will be gathered in two ways. First the proposed changes will be published to the city website. A map of the proposed changes and corresponding revisions to the ordinance will be available for comment. Second the City Engineer will be reaching out to ward 5, 6, and 7 aldermen to schedule a public meeting at which the restrictions can be presented. After this input is gathered, staff will review the comments and present revised parking restrictions to City Council for consideration. Concurrently staff is preparing the remaining revisions to wards 1,2,3, and 4 and will be following an identical process for gathering input and presentation to City Council.”

For itemized parking restrictions, click here.

For a corresponding map of parking restrictions, click here.

To provide feedback to any existing, corrected or proposed parking restriction, please contact John Laskowski at

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