News from DeKalb’City Council Meeting September 11th


dekalbImmediately after approving the latest application for video gaming terminals at 3260 Sycamore Road this past Monday, September 12th, DeKalb’s City Council imposed a six-month moratorium on any new gaming licenses. Aldermen want to discuss limiting the expansion of gambling within the city, and determine how many and how much they believe that the city can handle. The moratorium on new licenses will stay in effect through March 13th.

The city also heard from Homefield Energy, who will be issuing refunds to electricity users who were overcharged during the July and August billing periods. Homefield’s billing didn’t update properly when the cost of electricity went down and a number of residents complained to the City.

Over $87,000 will be refunded to users, with 4,200 residents getting money back for two months of overbilling and another 1,700 residents being repaid for one month or the other.  Checks will be going out in October.

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