Police Hear Complaints About Telephone Scams


telephoneRecently the DeKalb Police Department has received several complaints regarding Telephone Scams. Scammers will often advise that you are under investigation and legal proceedings may begin without you. They may demand payment over the phone, requesting you provide them with your credit card number.

If you experience this type of call, do not provide any of your personal identifiers (date of birth, social security number) this includes financial information (credit card numbers, the three digit code on the reverse side of your credit card, bank routing number and other bank account numbers) this is a SCAM. Often times the phone number that appears on your caller ID has been “spoofed” and is routed from somewhere outside the United States.

If you receive a similar call, you can advise the caller you will contact your local police department to check the validity of the call and document the phone number that called you or you can hang up the phone.

If you have a complaint or feel you were the victim of a scam, contact the DeKalb Police Department at 815-748-8400.

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