Sycamore Offers Collection Service for Household Special Materials


Do you have used motor oil? Unwanted paint? Used household batteries? Old electronics?

As of October 1st, the City of Sycamore will offer a collection service for these household special materials to residents through the Waste Management refuse contract. Through this program, you can schedule a collection of these materials right from your home at no cost.

14333704_1827135997519810_4931620074376784113_n1Acceptable materials for pick up include:
• Automotive Products (used motor oil, oil filters and batteries)
• Garden Chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, weed killers, etc.)
• Paint Products
• Household Cleaners
• Swimming Pool Chemicals
• Electronics (TV’s, computers, monitors and more)
• Household Batteries
• Fluorescent tubes and Compact Fluorescent Lamps(CFL)
• Thermometers and thermostats

The program does not accept biological waste, appliances, ammunition, asbestos, any medicines/pharmaceuticals or radioactive materials. Materials must be in a sealed, labeled container in 5 gal or less.

This is a residential program for customers covered under the City’s municipal refuse and recycling program. To arrange pickup, either email or call Waste Management at 800-449-7587 to arrange pickup.