Create a Healthy Recipe and Enter to be the NIU Football Kick Off Kid


kickoffkidKishHealth System, part of Northwestern Medicine, is the proud sponsor of the Northern Illinois University Huskies’ Kick Off Kid contest. For the NIU football game on Tuesday, Nov. 1, against Bowling Green at 7 pm, prospective Kick Off Kids are asked to create and submit their own healthy recipe.

Recipe submission guidelines:
1. Healthy – remember that huskies love their fruits and vegetables!
2. Kid friendly – kids should be able to prepare the recipe with minimal adult assistance. Kids should also be a fan of their healthy creation.
3. Recipe directions – provide well-written directions using recipe formatting and punctuation.
4. Include a picture – everyone likes to see what the recipe looks like and this will help in the judging process.
5. Be original – please do not copy your recipe from a cookbook or website. Kids should use their imagination to create a healthy recipe.

The winner of the Healthy Huskie Kids Recipe Contest will be chosen on Oct. 28.

To enter the Healthy Recipe contest, email For the winner to notified entries must include: parent/guardian name, telephone number, email address, child’s name and age.

To qualify for the Kick Off Kid contest, children must be between the ages of 8 and 13 years old and not too shy to run out on the NIU football field. Additionally, the child must be available an hour before the game and can have up to five guests with him or her on the field.

For questions about this contest, contact Theresa Komitas at 815.756.1521 ext. 153737 or

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