2017 Consolidated Elections – Candidate Questionnaire


    The core of government is most served at the local level. Streets and sidewalks, water and sewer, police and fire, parks, libraries and last but not least education are provided for most at the local level.

    Those services are not inexpensive either. The cost of local government in DeKalb County is ranked among the highest in the state which is ranked among the highest in the nation. Why?

    The real question is who cares? And the painful answer is in the last consolidated elections in 2015 only 9% (1,954) of the 21,713 registered voters in DeKalb cast a ballot. True there were no mayoral candidates but voter turnout in the last mayoral race was only a little more than 20%.

    Fortunately community leaders are stepping up seeking election to serve on the following local offices:

    • MUNICIPAL- Mayor or President, Clerk, Treasurer, Alderman or Trustee
    • TOWNSHIP- Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor/Multi-Township Assessor, Highway Commissioner, Trustees
    • PARK DISTRICT- Commissioners
    • SCHOOL DISTRICT- Board Members

    According to the office of the DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder candidates for the April 4, 2017 Consolidated Election will be certified on January 26. There are four candidates including incumbent John Rey running for mayor of DeKalb. Ken Mundy is seeking retirement not reelection as Sycamore’s mayor and three candidates are vying for that open seat. Ditto (retirement) for long-serving Kirkland Village President Les Bellah. As many as ten candidates are seeking three open positions on the District 428 Board of Education.

    As in past local elections DeKalb County Online will send candidates a questionnaire and post individual and aggregate results to help inform voters of the candidates and their views. This year’s questionnaire will require thoughtful insight from the candidates on the issues of local governance. We’ll also be sharing candidates’ press releases, videos and announcements on this website and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are several candidate forums in the planning stages and we’ll be promoting them and sharing their results. Get updated on the local elections at our 2017 Consolidated Election section.

    Let’s get to the polls and make things happen.

    Editor’s Note to Candidates:

    If you are a local candidate for any elected office in DeKalb County keep local voters informed of your candidacy and your campaign by submitting press releases and announcements to our election section by clicking this link. If you have not received an invitation to fill out our questionnaire then we’re looking for you. Contact us to get a link to the questionnaire if you haven’t received your invitation.