No Holiday Related Fires Reported in either DeKalb or Sycamore


Both the DeKalb and Sycamore Departments are pleased to report that there were no holiday-related fire incidents during the holiday season beginning on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016, and ending after New Year’s Day on January 2, 2017.

On Thanksgiving Day 2016 Red Wreaths were placed on all three DeKalb Fire Stations. The goal of the Red Wreath program was to heighten the awareness of fire safety during the holiday season. If the Fire Department responded to an incident related to the holiday season, a red bulb in the wreaths would be replaced with a white bulb.

During the 38 days the Red Wreaths were displayed, the DeKalb Fire Department logged 625 requests for emergency services, including 15 fires. However, there were no holiday related fire incidents this season!

The DeKalb Fire Department would like to thank everyone for helping to keep our community fire safe, and while this was a holiday safety program, we would like to remind everyone that fire safety is our year-round concern.

The Sycamore Fire Department is also pleased to report that there were no holiday-related fire incidents during the holiday season. They would like to commend everyone in Sycamore for paying attention to holiday safety and hope that citizens continue to be safety conscious throughout the New Year.

Even though the Sycamore Fire Department did not respond to any holiday-related fires during the red wreath program, there were 196 requests for emergency service. Of those requests, 152 were for emergency medical services responses, 17 motor vehicle accident responses and 27 non-holiday fire-related responses.

For more information on the red wreath program, please contact the Sycamore Fire Department at (815) 895-4514, or visit them on Facebook at City of Sycamore Fire Department for occasional postings. If you have any questions concerning fire safety in DeKalb, please contact the DeKalb Fire Department at 748-8460.

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