Shout out for Candy Smith

Candy Smith
Candy Smith

Dear Editor,
Candy Smith will be a great Mayor of Sycamore! She is Sycamore born and raised, lived here her whole life, graduated from SHS and single-handedly raised her son here. She loves Sycamore!

Starting as an alderman in 1999, she has successfully served the last 16 years as City Clerk. She has knowledge of city business and good relationships with its employees.

She is an independent, bright woman with integrity, loyalty and a huge heart. She knows how to pinch a penny, make a tough decision, listen to both sides of an issue, have fun and always speaks her mind.

andy cares about Sycamore ~ its future, its growth, its small-town feel, but most of all, its people.
I am proud to be on her campaign team! I am proud to be her sister!
Vote Candy Smith for Mayor on April 4!

Jan Loomer

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