Candy will have our community’s back

Candy Smith

Sycamore, let me tell you about my dear friend Candy Greathouse Smith and why you should vote to elect her mayor of our beautiful city. Love for Sycamore runs deep in her veins. She’s lived here her entire life. She raised her son here as a single mother after her husband passed away at a young age. She’s spent 18 years serving the people of this extraordinary community and she knows where Sycamore has been, where it’s going, and where it needs to go in years to come. Candy has not only served as alderperson, but she’s also been the city clerk for sixteen years. Her experience speaks for itself. She’s watched Sycamore grow and change and has worked to make it a successful community that lives together, socializes together, and problem solves together. Candy volunteers. She shops local. She supports and loves our downtown. She supports her community members by helping, listening, and leading with honesty.

The list of reasons Candy will succeed as mayor is a long and impressive one, but the most reassuring one is simply that as mayor, Candy will have our community’s back. She’s refreshingly transparent and honest, empathetic, and operates on an agenda of kindness and respect for the well being of ALL of the people in our town. Vote for Candy Greathouse Smith on April 4th because we owe it to Sycamore to elect a leader and a leader she is.

Tara Wilkins

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