Former Mayor Supporting Michael Embrey


I applaud all candidates who have stepped forward seeking needed change in City Hall. It is not about any one person, it is about everyone working together for the good of all. This is why I am choosing to support Michael Embrey for Mayor of DeKalb.

The challenges facing this City are difficult and almost to the point of overwhelming. Decreasing enrollment at NIU, deteriorating infrastructure, high taxes, declining property values, concerns about our schools and crime, lack of quality jobs, TIF expenditures, the diminished role of our City Clerk, questionable service from top city administrative staff, and a lack of leadership from our elected officials are what people are discussing.

Having served in local public office for 26 years (22 as alderman 4 as mayor) and working as a teacher for 39 years has provided me with a unique perspective about community. The past three years have been most painful for me to watch the City I love knowing how things should be and seeing clearly that they are not. There is no question in my mind that change must come to our City Hall as it is lacking the elected leadership and the professional leadership needed to properly govern this city.

These challenges can be met and problems can be solved, if enough people step forward, vote for change and continue being engaged in the process. Michael Embrey has proven to me that he will work tirelessly to bring our fractured city together by involving the public, demanding transparency and holding Council, staff and himself accountable in dealing with the people’s business.

Bessie Chronopoulos