Mike Verbic for DeKalb 6th Ward Alderman – Candidate Questionnaire

Mike Verbic
Mike Verbic
Q1: Candidate Information

Candidate’s Name: Mike Verbic
Office you are seeking: Sixth Ward Alderman
Unit of Government: City of DeKalb
Candidate’s website: www.verbicfordekalb.org

Q2: Response to the budget crunch
  • Unfortunately taxes and fees must be increased to meet expenditures. Disagree
  • Expenditures must be reduced to meet the revenue. It’s that simple. Agree
  • Taxes are high enough so let’s raise fees. Disagree
  • This is a time to lean on staff for their recommendations. Agree
  • It’s time to hire a consultant and get a report that will guide us through these tough times. Strongly Disagree

Comment: Hold the line on taxes. Use the rainy day fund to cover expenses. Things have got to get better.

Q3: What services would you seek to enhance or expand during your term?

Those prioritized by residents, property taxpayers, business owners and visitors. To date, those priorities shared with me most as I go door to door are; improved streets, public safety and code enforcement.

Q4: What services would you cut or reduce to balance the budget?

All services should be reviewed regularly for potential savings. Our recent data tells us, though, that keeping DeKalb safe should not be compromised.

Q5: What makes you uniquely qualified for the position you are seeking?

Finance Advisory Committee work, for the City of DeKalb, over the last three years has prepared me to contribute immediately with sound policy decisions. Previously elected leadership with proven results and a voting record is experience to serve well.

Q6: What does open, transparent government mean to you?

Restoring the elected full-time City Clerk; Mayor, Alderman and staff being responsive to requests; keeping all discussion of public money in public; regularly engaging the public toward priorities.

Q7: What changes to your community are needed?

High road economic development; become a more welcoming community; public engagement of budget priorities toward containing taxes; reducing crime; code enforcement and improved long-term planning for streets and other infrastructure.

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