Rick “Spider” Kramer for Mayor of Sycamore – Candidate Questionnaire

    Rick "Spider" Kramer
    Rick “Spider” Kramer

    Candidate’s Name: Rick “Spider” Kramer
    Office you are seeking: Mayor of Sycamore
    Unit of Government: City of Sycamore
    Candidate’s website address: Rick ‘Spider’ Kramer for Mayor/Sycamore, IL

    Q2: Response to the budget crunch

    • Unfortunately, taxes and fees must be increased to meet expenditures. Strongly Disagree
    • Expenditures must be reduced to meet the revenue. It’s that simple. Strongly Agree
    • Taxes are high enough so let’s raise fees. Strongly Disagree
    • This is a time to lean on staff for their recommendations. Uncertain
    • It’s time to hire a consultant and get a report that will guide us through these tough times. Strongly Disagree
    • Hold the line on taxes. Use the rainy day fund to cover expenses. Things have got to get better. Uncertain

    Comment: This City has had a balanced budget for the last 6 years. Our audits have great ratings.

    Q3: What services would you seek to enhance or expand during your term?
    Public Safety

    Q4: What services would you cut or reduce to balance the budget?
    We do not have to cut anything to balance this budget

    Q5: What makes you uniquely qualified for the position you are seeking?
    Last 6 years as the Ward 4 Alderman, 44 years as a volunteer Firefighter which shows commitment to the community. As the Captain of the Fire Department highlights my leadership skills

    Q6: What does open, transparent government mean to you?
    Transparency is our city’s commitment to promoting effective and open government by providing access to public information which allows public knowledge and engagement, subject to the law.

    Q7: What changes to your community are needed?
    Finding ways to increase training budgets in our Services, better training keeps our staff informed and work more efficient.

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