Try Creative Therapeutics’ Unique Rope Wall Saturday!


Try yoga using Creative Therapeutics’ unique rope wall! Ropes class this month is on a Saturday. The ropes help with balance and allow you to really relax into your stretches and concentrate on breathing, getting the most out of your practice. A session “learning the ropes” will leave you feeling great even the day after!

If you are new to the ropes, or even yoga in general–don’t worry! This class is fine for beginners and you will be assisted every step of the way. Creative Therapeutics’ instructor is sensitive to her students’ concerns and knows many ways to modify poses for comfort.

The ropes are are soft and smooth to the touch; but some may prefer to bring cycling or workout gloves for added comfort, if desired.

Space is limited, so please register in advance by calling them at 815-758-5508, emailing, or stopping by the front desk. Regular students may use their virtual punch card; walk-in rate is only $15! Creative Therapeutics is located at 400 E. Hillcrest Dr. in DeKalb.

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