YES for Candy!

Candy Smith

Candy Smith for Mayor of Sycamore…a definite vote YES!  Candy has lived in Sycamore her whole life, raised her son Alex, has extended family and has devoted her life to promoting Sycamore.  She has worked at Sycamore Chamber of Commerce promoting “life offers more in Sycamore!”  Candy also worked for the park district, keeping her connected to city government.  As an alderwoman she continued to work for the greater good of Sycamore.  She has spent the last 16 years devoted to Sycamore as City Clerk which is a perfect segue into her new role as Mayor.  In this position you must be forward thinking, a problem solver and have a great relationship with the city administrator to facilitate effective service to residents. Candy’s record of service has prepared her to be Sycamore’s next mayor!


Dottie Hove

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