DeKalb High School Public Safety Threat Investigation


The DeKalb Police Department has been investigating non-specific threats regarding possible violence that may occur at the DeKalb High School. The DeKalb Police Department is actively investigating this incident and at present have not found any credible evidence to substantiate the threats or to cause concern.

However, based on recent incidents in other communities, the police department will increase the police presence at the school as a precaution and to insure the safety of our children, staff, and visitors associated with the high school.

The DeKalb High School has notified parents concerning the information regarding a public safety threat through their automated alert notification system. This only gets information to the subscribers of their system, as such we are providing a community-wide notification that acknowledges the investigation and the precautionary measures being taken.

Anyone with information regarding this incident or who observe any suspicious activity are encouraged to report it to the DeKalb Police Department at 815-748-8400 or dial 911 in the event of an emergency.


  1. It’s called lack of parenting. Boundaries and thinking they are always owed something. No consequences for bad behavior and not taught right from wrong… Back in the day we would of been smacked around if we even disrespected an adult, teacher, or elderly person. parents were not threatened by Dcfs.
    Rant done……. 🤔

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