Electronics Recycling Collection Updated Schedule for 2017


Electronic waste collections will continue in 2017 for DeKalb County. DC Trash of Cortland Illinois will serve as the County’s electronics waste vendor. Below is a list of days and locations to drop off your unwanted electronics. Residents are welcome to recycle any item with a plug or a battery with the exception of smoke detectors and alkaline batteries made after 1995.

Listed below are the dates, times and locations of each event. Please review as this schedule has changed from 2017.

Event Date Host Municipality Location Time
1st Sat. Monthly DeKalb Public Parking Lot Grove and S. 4th St. 9am – 11am
2nd Sat. Monthly Sandwich 750 Duvick Rd. (East Water Tower) 12:30pm -2:30pm
4th Sat. Even Months only Waterman City Lot Route 30 9am – 11am
4th Sat. Odd Months only Shabbona 206 S. Blackhawk Rd. 9am – 11am
Every Weekday Cortland DC Trash 14438 E. North Ave 8am – 4pm


There is a fee to recycle the following items:

Computer monitors – $10
TVs 18’’ or smaller – $20
TVs 19’’ or larger – $30
Appliances w/ Freon – $5 -$15 (includes refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers etc.)
All other items – Free

Residents will receive a coupon for equal value when paying to recycle electronics that incur a fee (this excludes items containing Freon.) Cash or check will be accepted at the Saturday events. Cash, check or credit/debit card will be accepted at the DC Trash office. There will be staff present to help unload heavy items.

DC Trash offers pick up from your home for a fee. Please contact DC Trash at 815-758- 7274 for more information. For questions, specific to waste and recycling please contact Michelle Gibson at 815-748-2408 or send an email to recyclemailbox@dekalbcounty.org

To learn more about the many programs and services of the Health Department, visit health.dekalbcounty.org, or call (815)758-6673.