KC Criminal Justice students bug out


Students in the Advanced Criminalistics class at Kishwaukee College this spring were bugged for  several weeks: they analyzed insect life cycles. The students placed raw chicken meat at various locations around campus – near the pond, in the tree line, and near the open fields that border campus.

Students visited the meat, which was protected from predators by enclosing it with only small opening for insects, and collected the insects that were feasting on the chicken. Forensic scientists in criminal investigations can determine length of time decomposition has been occurring and where it began based on the types of insects and the point of their life cycle. The students research was supervised by instructor Dave Dammon. Pictured are Criminal Justice students checking the pond site and collecting the insects found on the chicken meat, L to R: Taylor Marker, Serena; Don Mullis, DeKalb; and Courtney Bolin, Kirkland.

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