Hillbilly Silly Science Spectacular Tuesday!


Join them at the DeKalb Public Library for an amazing stage show like none other this Tuesday, June 13th from 6-7pm. We’ve all seen science shows, and we’ve all seen comedy shows – but rarely a combination of the two. This show is insanely unique and hilarious!

The beauty of the show is that it combines clean family humor with educational material. Kids will learn about basic science concepts and developing a hypothesis for what will happen with each experiment. There are also positive message undertones regarding keeping motivated, staying in school, and being safe. This show contains fast-paced antics, clean humor, visual props, audience participation, and amazing science experiments that will blow your mind! It features huge visual props, backdrops, amazing science experiments, and crazy explosions of hillbilly proportions! The “chemistry” Dr. Beaker has with the audience is amazing and creates hilarious banter and spontaneous comedy tidbits!

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the DeKalb Public Library. No registration is required to attend this free event. All are welcome! The library is located at 309 Oak Street in DeKalb.