A Perfect Silhouette Celebrates 8 Years with Great Sales!


Remember in 2008 when everyone was holding on to every dime and afraid that the financial world that we knew at that time had come to an end? Each year, one out of 12 businesses in the United States closes its doors, but this rate is one in six in the first four to five years. Well, A Perfect Silhouette did not get the memo. Look who’s celebrating “BRONZE” year in business, just in case your don’t know, A Perfect Silhouette Intimate just turned 8 years old!

Join the special celebration this Saturday, June 24th, from 11 am – 5 pm and Sunday
June 25th from noon to 5 pm. Meet Ms. Mary, receive a FREE fitting and take advantage of the entire store with 8% off plus great giveaways, and additional raffles awarding $5.00, $10.00 and $15.00 off your purchase! Select discontinued items will be 50-60% off!

The business was founded the in 2008 and opened the doors in 2009. It is the love and brainchild of Mary Bomar. Her research began in 2008 with the mainstream store which she discovered at this time had pushed larger band and cup sizes to web portals. A demographic study, research of manufacturing and distributors who could supply the garments in sizes and quality that she would be offering to her clients was done. Ms. Bomar asked for bra sizes in 32F, 34H, 42B, and 40M…. these are not bingo callouts they are actually bra sizes. There are many women in need of Ms. Bomar’s products, education, and services.

Ms. Bomar said over the 8 years customers believing in her dream, added to her knowledge by sharing what’s missing in their wardrobe, and helped the specialty store enhance and grow their business offerings. She also said that her customers are awesome, their feedback and dedication widens her vision for the next item needed if the brand is on her horizon to bring into the store.

Opening the door in 2009 with a little bit of this and a little bit of that from various wholesalers allowed customers to experience sizes, styles, and cups that they had longed for in this area Through the years, A Perfect Silhouette has grown to over 50 different styles including bras, bridal longlines, corsets, shapewear, underwear, and stockings. Mary mentioned in 2016 attending training classes from American Cancer Care to receive certificates in fitting women who had experienced a mastectomy or lumpectomy. She partnered with A Women’s Place to achieve the proper fit for the garment needed. She also opened her second location in Aurora, Il., where she serves customers in private appointments offering style and personal body image makeovers.

Maternity bras and nightwear was added in 2017. One thing that has been proven consistent, there is a pregnant woman somewhere who desires to have a garment that fits!

Celebrating the total woman happens every day at A Perfect Silhouette, where size really does not define you. Who wouldn’t want curves, so why not work it to enhance feeling comfortable in the skin you are in.

Stop in to A Perfect Sillhouette today to be pampered the way you should be, and check out all they have to offer. They are located at 318 E Lincoln Hwy. in downtown DeKalb. Call them at 815-596-0866 to schedule a personalized fitting or visit them online to purchase or items from the comfort of your home!

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