2017 Lifeguard Games in Genoa


This past weekend the Genoa Township Park District hosted the 2017 Life Guard Games. This annual tradition was started by the Belvidere Park District and this was the first year the Genoa Park District hosted.

Other area park districts were invited to take part in some friendly skill competition. Life guards were forced to show their knowledge, athletic ability and skills in a series of relays. Competitions included a uniform relay, a CPR relay, a brick push relay and a spinal trial. Fellow life guards cheered on their respective teams and enjoyed a morning of “serious fun”. Each team was scored by a panel of judges and received points for accurately completing each skill.

The big winners for the day was team “Chillin’ with Wave” which was the Genoa Park District’s team. Other teams that participated included guards from Rochelle, Belvidere and DeKalb.

“This is a fun way to get together as guards, share our knowledge and test our skills” said Genoa pool manager, Savannah Strohacker who organized this year’s games. “It gives us a strong sense of camaraderie, community and fun competition”.


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