Sycamore Farmers Markets Tuesdays


Eat Fresh, Buy Local, and Be Well! Discover Sycamore invites you to shop for locally grown just-picked produce, fresh from the farm and our County Community Garden this Tuesday! They also have specialty goods like freshly baked breads and confections, organic herbs, beautiful fresh-cut and potted flowers, annual and perennials, olive oils, fresh home-made pasta, home-made salsa, fresh ground coffee/beans, food trucks, live music, and handcrafted products from area artists.

Sycamore’s lively and family friendly Farmers Market brings fresh, high quality and locally sourced food to the community every Tuesday, from 3 to 7p.m., June through September. They are located in historic downtown Sycamore, at the corner of Somonauk and Elm Streets (GPS coordinates: 204 Somonauk Street).

This is their 11th year hosting the Sycamore Farmers Market. They host this market for the physical, social and economic health of ourselves and our community. If you haven’t stopped in to Sycamore’s Farmers Market, make sure to do so this Tuesday!

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