District #427 Superintendent Urges County to Settle Tax Issue with Grainger


Kathy Countryman, the superintendent of schools for Sycamore Community School District #427, has written DeKalb County States Attorney Rick Amato a letter to once again ask that the County accept the Settlement Agreement executed by the School District and Brian Grainger/Old Mill Park LLC regarding the property tax dispute concerning vacant land owned by Kevin Dahl.

Judge William Brady continued a hearing on a petition filed on the matter by Brian Grainger of Old Mill Park LLC to 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, August 16 in Courtroom 300.

Grainger, the builder of the successful Somerset Farm of Sycamore, plans to build a 48-unit active-adult community on the property located at the southeast corner of Mount Hunger Road and North Main Street (Rte 23 North) but needs county officials to sign a property tax agreement to proceed. The property, currently owned by Keven Dahl, has been the subject of tax disputes and litigation for almost 8 years.

Sycamore School District 427 signed an agreement with Grainger to accept $112,500 as a settlement for their share of the taxes but DeKalb County Treasurer, Christine Johnson, and Amato have so far refused to compromise.

Countryman wrote that the settlement signed by the School District provides an opportunity to develop for good use a troubled property that, for years, has failed to provide any meaningful benefit to its owners or the community through property tax revenues or otherwise.

She added that “putting emotion and personal frustrations aside we know that resolving this matter through the settlement agreement will result in the best, most efficient outcome for all parties.”

Letter from Kathy Countryman to Rick Amato

KC-settlement agreement grainger-old mill park

Signed Agreement between Sycamore School District #427 and Brian Grainger

Settlement signed by Schl Sup 6-20-17

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