Friday, August 25, 2017


2017 Sycamore Speedway Friday Results
Date: 25-Aug-17
Powder Puff
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 10 Mickee Runge Lake Zurich 23.580
Trophy Dash: 93 Becca Vodraska Hampshire
Heat 1: 10 Mickee Runge Lake Zurich
1st: 93 Becca Vodraska Hampshire
2nd: 66xx Megan Decker Palatine
3rd: 57h Kayli Hubbs St. Charles
4th: 10 Mickee Runge Lake Zurich
5th: 98x Courtney Hopkins St. Charles
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 133 Jacob Colley Aurora 20.110
Trophy Dash: 3 Dale Murray Montgomery
Heat 1: 86it Alex Adams Hampshire
Heat 2: Oz Rick Zifko Aurora
Heat 3: 88 Mike Murray Montgomery
Feature 1:
1st: 3 Dale Murray Montgomery
2nd: 0z Rick Zifko Aurora
3rd: 86it Alex Adams Hampshire
4th: 24 Jeff Hooker Cortland
5th: 18 Braden Bloomberg
Feature 2:
1st: 12t Tony Theobald Marengo
2nd: 14x Jacob Rose Rochelle
3rd: 88 Mike Murray Montgomery
Socker Stocker
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 38 Anthony Kasper Algonquin 21.050
Trophy Dash: 38x Jacob Bergroschtje Huntley
Heat 1: 83c Thomas Andrus Rockford
Heat 2: 55l Paul Lullo
Heat 3: 26 Trevor Robinson Hampshire
Feature 1:
1st: 27t David Snead
2nd: 38x Jacob Bergroschtje Huntley
3rd: 85 Andrew Askeland Sycamore
4th: 83c Thomas Andrus Rockford
5th: 23 Marcus Gonzalez Shabbona
Feature 2:
1st: 55l Paul Lullo St. Charles
2nd: 30x Brandon Adams Hampshire
3rd: 26 Trevor Robinson Hampshire
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 6 Matt Starai St. Charles 20.620
Trophy Dash: 53t Matt Schuch St. Charles
25 Lap Feat:
1st: 91t Michael Terzo Lake Zurich
2nd: 53t Matt Schuch St. Charles
3rd: 6 Matt Starai St. Charles
4th: 55x Mike Loftgren Naperville
5th: 83 John Starai St. Charles
15 Lap Feat:
1st: 2t Bob Vlaski W. Chicago
2nd: 36 Tyler Gordon Darien
3rd: 17c Dominik Smetters LITH
6 Lap Feat: 53t Matt Schuch St. Charles
Specialty Races
# Name Town
Figure 8: Compact
1st: 52 Jason Straskary Elgin
2nd: 92 Eddie Brown Sandwich
3rd: 87h Nate Hanson DeKalb
Demo Compact
1st: 47t Dominik Smetters LITH
2nd: 7c Corey Davis LITH
3rd: 31x


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