Investigation at Wyngate Animal Clinic


The DeKalb County Health Department, in conjunction with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department, and State’s Attorney’s Office are investigating a situation involving the Wyngate Animal Clinic, located on Maple Park Road, within DeKalb County.

On Saturday, July 29th at approximately 2:45pm the Sheriff’s office received a report of an unsecured door at Wyngate Animal Clinic in Maple Park. In the assessment of the building, the deputies found two live goats and two live horses, as well as freezers containing the bodies of deceased animals. DeKalb County Health Department and Animal Control were called to the scene to evaluate the situation.

Animal Control reported to the location and confirmed that the live animals were in acceptable physical condition. The building was secured at that time and the investigation moved forward. The Veterinarian associated with the clinic is currently out of state.

This is an ongoing investigation involving the Sheriff’s Office, DeKalb County Health Department; assisted by the DeKalb County States Attorney’s office.


  1. Ok, animals in a freezer are pretty normal at a vet office but what bothers me is she has been closed for well over a month. There are two freezers full of dead pets. That is a lot of animals. It takes a while to have two freezers full of animals. Those animals were someone’s pets. How would you feel if the dog you loved was put down in let’s say February and come to find out he’s sitting at the bottom of a freezer of a now closed vet practice in August. I’d be heartbroken. Something just doesn’t add up.

  2. This vet is awful. I had a horse with a broken leg that she was supposed to drop off bute and she never showed or answered her phone; I had a horse who severely coliced and she was supposed to do an ultrasound. I took off work to meet her and she never called or showed or answered her phone. The last straw was when I took a horse from her care that my friends had left with her who was in horrible condition. He even had sores on his face because she left his halter on too tight for too long. I got that horse out of there as fast as I could and never used her for anything after that.

  3. This is just b.s she is the best vet around. The goats and horses are fine. The freezer is standard process and the story is what? What are they looking into? What ever it is i will start a gofund me page so she can take care of what ever this non story is……

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