Public Paranormal Events at Sandwich Opera House


Take part in Public Paranormal Events at Sandwich Opera House this Saturday, August 19th. This event is a guided public investigation. Midwest Ghost Society members will be on hand with equipment and knowledge to help guide your investigation. After a brief introduction and check in upon arrival they will be splitting into groups and exploring the opera house together.

Groups are pre determined so please make sure to notify them if you need to be grouped with someone under another purchase name in advance. They will then run real evp sessions and demonstrate basic paranormal investigation equipment. They will also have members with you to answer questions and help guide your sessions. Participants do sit when they get to session areas so there isn’t a lot of standing or walking during the event.

Please read thru the event rules before purchasing your tickets (see below)!! Please message the Midwest Ghost Society with questions you may have, they will answer them as quickly as possible. NOTE: You will be grouped with tickets under same purchase name. If you need to be grouped with someone under a different ticket purchaser name, those requests are due at least two weeks before your scheduled event. Click this link to reserve your space!

The Midwest Ghost Society is a paranormal research and investigation group based out of Plano, Illinois established in 2010.  They have been actively investigating as a team since that time. The team investigates using the scientific method of investigation.  They have investigated in many states including Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Iowa.


-Must be 18 years of age or older to attend.

-Midwest Ghost Society members or Sandwich Opera House employees present reserve the right to ask any person attending a public investigation to leave the building if they are found to be breaking rules, are disrespectful or are otherwise interrupting the investigation in anyway. You will not be refunded your ticket cost.

-Groups will be assigned in advance of the investigation: You must stay with your assigned group and tour guide; except during breaks. If you wish to be paired with someone please request this in advance of the event, prior to ticket purchase. Not all requests may be able to be honored; they will go in order of request.

-All ticket sales are final; no refunds will be issued due to non attendance. Please don’t buy a ticket if you can’t commit to the event date, we have committed and expect you to do the same. A large part of the ticket sales goes directly to the opera house to help keep this historic building running. Refunds will not be allowed for any reasons. We don’t offer reschedule of date if you can’t attend unfortunatley either. We are not able to plan future dates too far ahead and normally events sell out so we can’t trade dates. Sorry, please be sure you are able to attend before purchase. (Note: you may sell your ticket to another 18 or over adult to attend if you find yourself unable to attend as long as they follow the rules)

-Investigation schedule will be strictly adhered to in order to ensure that everyone receives an equal time in each area. Late arrivals will not be allowed as it will hinder everyone else’s paid investigation time. Loitering between sessions will also not be allowed after break time has ended. Arrival time for check in is between 8-8:30pm, after that the doors are locked! Don’t be late.

-Any person leaving during the investigation will not be permitted to re-enter the building.

-During each session you must stay within sight of your tour guide in the assigned area, anyone wandering off alone freely will be asked to leave the building.

-Camcorders, Cameras, Digital voice recorders are permitted. Midwest Ghost Society and the Sandwich Opera house are not responsible for your equipment in the event of lost or stolen items.

-Phones or other mobile devices are not permitted to be used during the investigation, other than for photographs. Anyone found texting or accepting phone calls during investigation or otherwise being disruptive with a mobile device will be asked to leave. You may use them on designated break times.

-Smoking is not permitted in the building; you may step outside during designated break times to do so.

-Drinks/food are not permitted anywhere in the building except in the designated break room area.

-We would like to make sure all attendees enjoy their investigation time in each area. For this reason we ask that you refrain from loud laughter and disruptive behavior during sessions to avoid noise contamination. We also ask that all attendees are respectful to their tour guides and one another. I’d like to add that skeptics are welcome as long as you are able to be present with a good attitude as not to hinder your group’s experience.