Summer Sizzler 8-26-2017


2017 Sycamore Speedway Saturday Results
Date: 26-Aug-17
Super Late Models
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 15 Jay Brendle Kirkland 17.862
Trophy Dash: 87 Dave Engelkens DeKalb
Heat 1: 7 Jeff Schulze Carol Stream
Heat 2: 51 Rowdy Burns Somonauk
1st: 15 Jay Brendle Kingston
2nd: 51 Rowdy Burns Somonauk
3rd: 22 Jeremy Spoonmore Leland
4th: 7 Jeff Schulze Carol Stream
5th: 87 Dave Engelkens DeKalb
6th: 26 Gary Glatzhofer Batavia
7th: 36 Phil Grutsch Plano
8th: 38 Greg Hancock Gilberts
9th: 23 Danny Deutsch Marseilles
10th: 13 Jeff Kerley Elgin
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 32c Johnny Lovett DeKalb 19.973
Heat 1: 32c Johnny Lovett DeKalb
Feature 1:
1st: 32c Johnny Lovett DeKalb
2nd: 8 Michael Brown Aurora
3rd: 48 Mike Gossett Montgomery
4th: 11x Mike Cunz Cortland
5th: 79x Charlie Brown DeKalb
6th: 53bp Bubby Cleveland Belvidere
7th: 75
Street Stocks
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: O2 Matt McCain Aurora 19.708
Trophy Dash: 54 Cory McKay St. Charles
Heat 1: 79 Dave Richards Marengo
Heat 2: 4z Zuby Kingston
Feature 1:
1st: 4 Zuby Kingston
2nd: 54 Cory McKay St. Charles
3rd: 70 DJ Markham Belvidere
4th: O2 Matt McCain Aurora
5th: 57 Joel Hernandez DeKalb
6th: 7 Don Markham Elgin
7th: 2 Chad Puffer Sycamore
8th: 30 Peter Hayes Villa Park
9th: 72 Mitch Moag Oswego
10th: 33j Matt Jerry
Pure Stocks
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 714 Mike Nelms Lombard 20.619
Trophy Dash: 21x Eric DeLapp Bartlett
Heat 1: 43c Stacy Doris Genoa
Feature 1:
1st: 714 Mike Nelms Lombard
2nd: 43c Stacy Doris Genoa
3rd: 30 John Chmelik Algonquin
4th: 75 Jerry Legner Crest Hill
5th: 98 Geoff McKarns Muneline
6th: 26 Nick Schneider Rockton
7th: 96c Brad Swanson Marengo
8th: 21x Eric Delapp Bartlett
9th: 63j John Lederman Warrenville
Late Models
# Name Town Time
Fast Time: 1m Mike Mataragas 14.148
Heat 1: 21b Rich Bell
Heat 2: 5 Lil John Provenzano
Heat 3: 75 Billy Drake
Feature 1:
1st: 10s Taylor Scheffler
2nd: 75 Billy Drake
3rd: 10 Paul Parker
4th: 1m Mike Mataragas
5th: 25 Jay Brendle
6th: 21 TJ Markham
7th: 3 Brad Stewart
8th: 56d Travis Denning
9th: 65 Toby Kuntzelman
10th: 11 Roger Markham


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