City of DeKalb Purchases New Street Sweeper


Public Works staff is now able to more quickly and effectively remove debris from DeKalb neighborhoods with the purchase of a new Johnston RT655 Regenerative Air Street Sweeper. The vehicle replaces a 1999 Elgin Pelican mechanical sweeper, which has incurred significant maintenance and repair cost over the past five years.

The new regenerative air sweeper is a significant upgrade in that it sweeps at nearly twice the speed, picks up fine particles left behind by a mechanical sweeper, and provides a more ergonomic operator platform aimed at reducing operator fatigue and injury. This new vehicle is equipped with a rear-attached vacuum system making it a dual purpose vehicle that will also replace the City’s 1990 Vac All vehicle. Street sweeping is an essential City service that prevents road debris from entering storm sewers which create the potential for flooding during heavy rain.