How to Organize a ‘Trunk-or-Treat’ Event


There’s a new way to trick-or-treat that’s been gaining momentum in communities over the past few years. It’s called Trunk-or-Treat.
Specific organizations or businesses partner with one another to offer a less-spooky alternative to the typical nighttime trick-or-treating Halloween event. It’s great for younger children and offers a shorter, friendlier
Halloween experience.

All you need is a large parking lot, participating
vehicles decorated for Halloween, and attendees to enjoy the fun. Here are some
tips to help you plan a trunk or treat event:

  1. Location:
    The parking lot should be a decent size (a school parking lot or business
    parking lot is great). The location will also determine how many participants
    you can invite to the event. For example, if it’s at a school, will it be just
    for the school or can other community members and children attend? You’ll want
    to have enough room.
  2. Date:
    While it’s an alternative to Halloween trick-or-treating, it’s recommended that
    you stay away from the actual Halloween holiday. Typically the weekend before
    Halloween is a good idea or a different day leading up to the holiday will
    work. Check to see when your community plans to hold trick-or-treating and try
    to schedule your event a different day.
  3. Cost:
    Will you charge participants a fee to enjoy the Trunk-or-Treat? Or will the
    event serve as a fundraiser with donations going to a specific organization or
  4. Find your
    If you’re hosting the event at a school, see if the PTO or teachers
    want to participate. Or, recruit local businesses to participate. Just make
    sure you allow trunk participants enough time to come up with an idea, decorate
    their trunk and purchase candy or treats to pass out.
  5. Safety
    On the day of the event, make sure trunk participants arrive at
    least an hour prior to the event start time. Have them set up, decorate their
    trunk and get ready for the children. If possible, it’s also a good idea to
    make sure families can park in a separate area away from the kids walking
    through the event space.

Think you’re ready to take on a trunk-or-treat event?
Hopefully this list of tips will help you get started. And for other ways to
make sure your Halloween is as safe as it is happy, check out these tips from Eriesense blog:

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