Learn More About Queen Anne Style in Sycamore!

Sycamore Library

The Sycamore residential area contains more than 200 buildings which record the radical style change that developed in late 19th to early 20th century known as the Queen Anne style. This Wednesday, October 18, Sycamore resident and architectural historian, Dr. Richard M. Cooler, will lead an illustrated lecture on Victorian architectural style that many Sycamore residents chose for their homes. Those who attend the program will be able to walk away with the skills to identify Queen Anne homes in Sycamore and in other communities.

This radical architectural style as well as new processes for home construction was possible due to new building products being available over the recently constructed railroads that connected Sycamore to manufacturing plants throughout the country. The accessibility to these novel products was advertised by local builders who constructed model homes for display on floats during parades. Also, and most importantly, companies such as Sears and Roebuck provided access through massive mail order catalogues which offered plans, parts, hardware, furniture, and even, entire pre-cut homes – all available by rail. The consequent increase in demand allowed for these innovative plans and parts to be purchased and delivered for affordable prices and thus were incorporated into a wide range of Sycamore homes from 1880-1915.

“We are honored to have Dr. Cooler share his knowledge about Queen Anne homes. The Sycamore History Museum receives many calls related to local architecture, and this is a great opportunity to share information about our community’s history,” explained Michelle Donahoe, Executive Director.

The program will take place on Wednesday, October 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the DeKalb County Community Foundation’s Freight Room. There is a $5 charge for the program. For more information please call 815-895-5762 or visit sycamorehistory.org.

Photo: The Sycamore Public Library is one of 200 Queen Anne structures in Sycamore. Dr. Cooler will explore the qualities of this architectural style during his talk on October 18

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