Greg Cantrell Wins Run What You Brung Event to Finish the Season Off at Sycamore Speedway


The 5th annual Run What You Brung (RWYB) event for Sycamore Speedway was this past Saturday, September 30th. The Annual Run What You Brung has become a huge event filled with all sorts of racing thrills. It is a fun event in the fact that all classes can run together.  Lineups are based off of qualifying and as long as the safety components of the racecar are in tact, technical rules go out the window.

Cars arrived with all sorts of modifications,  big billboard style wings, drivers ran a wider tire and changed out their carburetor for sure.  To add to the excitement of the night, Sycamore Speedway also hosted Figure 8s, demolition derbies and a long jump competition.  The long jump competition was a blast as the drivers drove their demo cars off a ramp and their distance was recorded.

This year, local racer, Greg Cantrell won the Run What You Brung race for his first time winning the main event. It was a perfect way to end the racing season!  Tickets are on sale now for their end of the year banquet. For tickets and more details of their events, directions and more, visit

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