DeKalb Police Chief Activates DeKalb County Major Case Squad to Curb Area Violence


DeKalb Police Department mobilizes to address recent violent crime incidents,
seeks community input on efforts to strengthen public safety in Annie Glidden North Community.

The DeKalb Police Department today outlined a number of steps it is taking to address the recent uptick in violent crime incidents in the Annie Glidden North community. Stepped up, targeted patrols, calling on the resources of partnering law enforcement agencies, continued cooperation with the Northern Illinois University Police and the activation of the DeKalb County Major Case Squad to support intensive, ongoing investigative efforts are just a few of the measures DeKalb Chief of Police Gene Lowery announced today.

“We understand that recent shooting events have raised concerns in the community. We share those concerns and are doing everything we can to investigate the incidents while also opening up the lines of communication with residents in the area most impacted by violence over the last several weeks,” said Chief Lowery.

Lowery today called for the assistance of the DeKalb County Major Case Squad to investigate an incident that occurred last night. On October 31, 2017, at approximately 8:00 pm, the Police Department responded to the 800 block of North Annie Glidden Road for a report of shots fired. Responding officers located a 28 year-old female who had been shot in the leg, the victim was transported to Kishwaukee Hospital, where she was
treated and released. An intense investigation into this and other recent gun violence cases is ongoing, the safety of our community is of the utmost importance.

In light of recent events, the City of DeKalb assures the community that additional measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of our community. The Police Department is working with its local law enforcement partners, including Northern Illinois University Police, Illinois State Police, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Waterman Police, Sycamore Police, and Cortland Police, to increase the presence of police officers in
the area.

In order to address the broader concerns related to this recent gun violence the Police Department will open its doors to our residents on Monday, November 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm, at the DeKalb Police Department Community Room, located at 700 West Lincoln Highway. It is important for us to hear your voices, gather your input, and reassure you that we are utilizing all of the resources available to us to address these crimes and improve public safety.

“We ask that as a community we work together in a unified manner to implement a focused and effective approach to address this vital concern. Therefore it is important for our residents to utilize effective personal safety and crime prevention strategies, and report crime or suspicious activity immediately,” said Chief Lowery.

“Moving forward, we will continue to engage our community by keeping you informed, utilizing all the tools we have to keep our neighborhoods safer, and apprehend those that choose to perpetrate offenses of this nature.


  1. Im 37 and this area in question has been a problem as long as I can remember. Years ago it was more just drunk college kids mixed with low income housing. Now its like the majority is low income housing. Could this all be a result of all the new NIU housing they built over the last couple years. And less enrollment in NIU. Slumlord Apartments in that area that would have been filled with college kids now just take anyone to fill a unit especially it they have section 8 assistance. It doesn’t help that the city is ok with just buying slumlords out who refuse to fix their property. Also maybe a police hub out of the old movie theater would be a good idea

  2. Make police presence felt i live on ridge rd and all you gotta do us walk outside someone’s always selling drugs fightin tearin up stuff just for a laugh i cant even let my kids play outside ride there bus to school cuz there always gettin jumped or havin there nice clothes shoes or anyhtin nice bein taken from someone..its really ridiculous how it is in this area

  3. We had the nerve to let our alley facing garage go naked without our street # and peeling paint on the house. Fixed garage problem but not the paint yet. Maybe instead of adding condemned property to the budget we could all use a few $$ towards repairs. Or how about more police west of downtown

    • A majority of the problem IS gangs rolling in from surrounding cities when the heat is on. DeKalb Police Targeted Response Unit (TRU) is working diligently on the issue, but there are several contributing factors that make it a difficult, but not insurmountable, task.

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