Heroes and Helpers 2017 – Donations Needed


The DeKalb Police Department’s Benevolent & Protective Association and Target in DeKalb, would like to announce that this year’s Heroes and Helpers program (previously Shop with a Cop) will be held on Sunday, December 17th, 2017 at the Target store in DeKalb, IL. This is an all-volunteer program and donations are always needed from community members to help fund the program.

The DeKalb Police Department and Target understand that some families are having difficult times. In an effort to alleviate some of their concerns, we are offering children in special situations a way to have a wonderful Christmas. These children will have the opportunity to buy Christmas presents for themselves and members of their family.

Children participating in this event are either residents of DeKalb or part of DeKalb School District 428, and are chosen with the assistance of the DeKalb School District and other local organizations. Children selected will be notified by the DeKalb Police Department prior to the event.

Each child, with the help of a DeKalb Police Officer, will choose $100.00 worth of Christmas presents. As the program’s name suggests, the children are the Heroes and the police officers are their Helpers. The gifts, which are wrapped by Target staff members and other volunteers, will be delivered to the police department, and then delivered by Santa’s helpers to each child’s home prior to Christmas. On the day of the event, Target will provide snacks for the children.

Last year, the Heroes and Helpers program assisted over 50 children and their families. We would like to see an increase in the number of children participating this year. The need is great and we need community support to achieve our goal. Donations, no matter how small, are needed to help fund this initiative. Anyone making a donation of $100 can also nominate a child to be part of the program and have your donation go to that child. (Checks can be made payable to the DeKalb PB & PA, Police Benevolent & Protective Association) It’s a great way to anonymously give a helping hand to somebody you know, who may not accept that gift otherwise.

If you would like to learn more about Heroes and Helpers or would like to make a donation to help us bring more children into this year’s program, please drop off your contribution at the front desk of the DeKalb Police Department, 700 W. Lincoln Hwy in DeKalb or contact Community Relations Officer Kelly Sullivan at 815-748-8446. We would like to receive all donations prior to December 1st. Thank you in advance for your support.

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