In Support of J Doe vs DeKalb School District


Dear Tax Payer,

We are asking for your support in the J Doe vs DeKalb School District Complaint filed in District Court on October 4th.

A copy can be found at DeKalb County Online:

The city of DeKalb is among one of the highest property taxes in the United States and this is driving residents out of our community. This is a first step to start and identify the reasons for the excessive tax rates in all governmental bodies. All governmental bodies need to be transparent, honest, responsible, respectful and justify to DeKalb Tax Payers the reasons for the excessive taxes paid.

We think this lawsuit is just the start in leading to other questions and issues being identified.  Including: Why the Dekalb School District 428 in 2009 spent $1,000,000 in Transportation and in 2016 it is over $8,200,000 ???  ( )

School District 428 Year 2000 Year 2009 Year 2016
002 Education 18,169,430.00 31,418,911.00 26,501,061.00
003 Bonds and Interest   1,839,628.00   4,220,640.00   4,742,062.00
004 Operations & Maintenance  2,523,532.00   6,036,361.00   4,968,949.00
005 I.M.R.F     500,000.00      175,178.00   1,350,494.00
030 Transportation System  1,009,413.00   1,045,811.00   8,289,930.00
031 Working Cash     252,353.00         87,589.00     331,263.00
032 Fire Prev/Safety/Energy     252,353.00     662,527.00
033 Special Education    201,883.00   1,045,548.00  5,300,212.00


Renters, single family home owners, and commercial property owners are encouraged to submit their names for support of J Doe law suit preventing unlawful expenses due to non-resident student enrollment violations.

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Support DeKalb County Taxpayers

As a side note, more “J Doe” tax payers are needed.  I would urge all residents to support a newly formed organization: Dekalb County


– Sign up to become a FREE member –

“DeKalb County Taxpayers is a grassroots effort to help control wayward spending within local government. Our vision is to be a watchdog within the community wherever tax dollars are being spent.”

Please forward this to others by email.

Sincerely and Thank YOU for your time and support!!!

Signed by:

  • Cindy Shaw
  • Glenn Roby
  • Travis Mckeon
  • Virginia and Rev. Dr. Raymond Tilstra
  • Chuck Sheppard
  • Julie Gohary Dudziak
  • James Morel
  • William Heinisch
  • Craig Williams
  • Mike Larson
  • Jean and Paul Meier
  • Mark Charvat
  • John V. Reints
  • PE and Janelle C Reints
  • James Mason
  • John Mckeon
  • Christie and James Krupp
  • Joe Casurella
  • Linda Mason

PS: Also, consider donating $200 to DeKalb County Tax Payers Organization as everyone will benefit from their and “J Does” efforts.

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