Resident Concerned About Proposed Sales Tax Increase in DeKalb


Dear Business Owner,

On 11/16 at the joint meeting between the council and FAC,  a 1% increase in DeKalb sales tax was added/included to the 2018 City of DeKalb proposed budget.

Were you aware of this 1% sales tax increase in the budget?

A committee of the whole meeting is scheduled for Tuesday November 21 at council chambers at 5:00 pm for public input on the proposed budget.

Business owners need to give input at the meeting on this proposed sales tax increase by speaking at the public comment section. All speakers need to do is fill out a simple speaker request form (available outside the chambers on a table) and hand into the city clerk.

Below is what the proposed 1% sales tax is to be used for:

The Transmittal Letter in the Proposed Budget document discussed the 1% increase in the Home Rule Sales Tax.   This information is from page 12.

The Five-Year Financial Plan covered the need for additional funding to support streets and fleet services and to stabilize the General Fund.  An emphasis has also placed an on critical public safety needs.  Using the information gathered in the plan and taking feedback received by City Council and the Finance Advisory Committee, staff is recommending a 1.0% Home Rule Sales Tax rate increase to support those critical service needs.  The increase is estimated to generate an additional $3.7 million per year.  With a July 1, 2018 effective date, the FY2018 proposed budget includes three months of funding for each service need.  The below table shows the split by type:

Type % Split Annual Amount Three Month Amount
Streets 45%            1,670,400                   417,600
Fleet 25%               928,000                   232,000
Three Additional Police Officers 16%               587,250                             –  
Operations Stabilization 14%               526,350                  313,200
SubTotal Operations 30%            1,113,600                   313,200*
Total 100%            3,712,000                   962,800

*Operations total for 3 months is $417,600 of which $313,200 to support operations and $104,000 to meet the General Fund reserve requirement of 25% of expenditures.  The three additional Police Officers hire date in FY2019.

The Complete budget and back up material can be found at:

The agenda for the meeting on Nov 21st is:

To contact the council by phone or email:

Thank you for your time and let me know if you have any questions and please forward to other business owners,

Will Heinisch

815-748-4228 – CSR Bobcat, DeKalb IL


  1. Sadly, it’s the same attitude as the rest of this state – tax more, spend more, repeat. I suppose it’s not enough that my property taxes went up by $1,000 this year, nope! Pile on some more. WHAT exactly will it take for you people to understand that the more you raise taxes the more you drive the middle class out of this state? We already lead the nation in population decline – do you think raising our taxes again is going to make that better? Let’s see, I could go to Tennessee or Florida – where I could buy twice the house for less, and my taxes would be maybe 1/10th of what they are here- oh and as a bonus, I’d pay $0 in state income tax, plus get better weather! I’d put $20k back in my pocket ANNUALLY just by leaving this state of misery. I stay for family, but don’t know how much longer that even makes sense for me. Sad. Born & raised in this state, but all I can dream about is escaping, and improving (greatly) my quality of life.

  2. I am seriously looking forward to leaving this town. This despite many years of long commutes to be able to live here. The city administration has long viewed their residents as hicks, rubes, and as impediments to efficient public administration. And, now they view us as cash cows.

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