All Hands on Deck


All Hands on Deck


Quick question for everyone, and really thing about this one. When was the last time your CEO climbed a ladder to work construction? If you were to ask us this question, we could say today!

Team culture is one of the biggest attributes to Sundog. We strongly believe in getting a job done, anyway possible, even if it means stepping out of your usual role, and lending a helping hand.

As we’ve previously mentioned before, many other Sundogs have stayed beyond work hours, or worked additional hours on the weekends to get all caught up. We’re just glad that we have a hands-on staff with great work ethic. As you can see in the image, Cohen is putting in some major work with the wiring, which has been the main task of the Sundogs working overtime. The crazy part is, we’ve installed over 25,000 feet of wire so far and we’re still not done yet! Running a tech company requires a lot of work when buying a new building.

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