DeKalb County’s Holiday Lights Recycling Drive


This year the DeKalb County Health Department is partnering with DeKalb Iron and Metal Company (DIMCO) for our 7th Annual Holiday Lights Recycling Program. Last year, the Holiday Lights Program collected almost 2,000 pounds of holiday lights.

Year after year residents find themselves testing bulbs and replacing fuses. When that does not work, the lights often end up in the garbage. With this program, DeKalb County can divert all holiday lights from the landfill, as recycled goods. One strand of lights may seem as though it does not help, but even these small contributions help reduce waste going into the landfill.

The recycling program will run until February 2, 2018. They accept all string lights and extension cords. Residents can drop off their old holiday lights at any of the following drop off locations during regular operating hours:

DeKalb County Health Department
2550 N. Annie Glidden Rd., DeKalb

DeKalb Park District Sports & Rec Center
1765 S. Fourth St., DeKalb

Sandwich Public Library
925 S. Main St., Sandwich, IL

Sycamore Centre
308 W. State St., Sycamore

DeKalb County Legislative Center
200 North Main St., Sycamore

DeKalb County Farm Bureau
1350 W. Prairie Dr., Sycamore

Village Hall of Waterman
215 W. Adams St., Waterman

City of Sandwich
144 E. Railroad, Sandwich

City of DeKalb Municipal Building
200 S. Fourth St., DeKalb

Kishwaukee Family YMCA
2500 Bethany Rd., Sycamore

For more information about The Holiday Lights Recycling Program, please call Michelle Gibson at 815-748-2408 or email .


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