Beth Fowler Dance Company Announces “A Storybook Ballet” Cast



Congrats to everyone on a fantastic audition.  This promises to be a show not to miss.    “A Storybook Ballet brings to life 4 classic childhood stories.  Young and Old will enjoy watching as the magic unfolds onstage before your eyes.

Join Us March 16th, 17th and 18th at the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb.  Tickets will be available for purchase at  and at the Egyptian Theatre box office starting in February.  Every child’s ticket includes a visit backstage to visit with the princesses and take a photo.

2018 Storybook Ballet- Company Cast List
Marie- Alyssa Vicary
Fairies- Brooke Hall, Maylin Wang, Hannah Fugiel, Olivia Rymarczyk
Snow White:
Snow White- Jennifer Flatland
Prince- Larry Pool
Evil Queen- Lydia Carpenter
Huntsmen- Brandon Fowler
Seven Dwarfs- Ezra Brust, Brady McCue, Emerick Barrett
Little Mermaid:
Aerial- Becky Baert
Prince Eric- Wade Tischhouser
King Triton-Phil Masterton
Sebastian- Emily Fox
Flounder- Reegan Debarba (Cast I/III) Cora Mascheri (Cast II/IV)
Ursula- Lindsey Haugen
Poor Unfortunate Soul Soloist- Jill Thomas
Company Poor Unfortunate Soul Mermaids- Gina Misitano, Tallory Wendell,
Misty Villagomez
Mermaid Sisters- Taryn Sarto, Jen Flatland, Kaitlyn Rollo, Clara Coran, Anne
Fritsch, Lydia Jacobson, Abby Lewis, Brooke Bend I/II, Kamryn King III/IV
Jasmine- Taryn Sarto
Aladdin- Jacob Bliujus
Genie- Lydia Jacobson
Abu- Ezra Brust
Jafar- Wade Tischhauser
Guards- Brandon Fowler, Larry Pool
Gypsies- 1. Lindsey Haugen 2. Jen Flatland 3. Becky Baert 4. Clara Coran 5. Anne
Fritsch 6. Abby Lewis
Company One Jump & Prince Ali Dances1.
Kaitlyn Rollo 2. Brooke Bend 3. Emily Fox 4. Kamryn King 5. Jill Thomas
6. Misty Villagomez 7. Tallory Wendell 8. Gina Misitano
Townspeople- Opening Aladdin Scenes
Cast I/III- 1. Addy Vicary 2. Abby Andrews 3. Addie Gatza 4. Alexis Green 5.
Chaela Bilyk 6. Brianna Rust
Cast II/IV- 1. Mia Herman 2. Emily Belzey 3. Sam Koldenhoven 4. Brooke
Bennett 5. Kendall Crossen 6. Malena Thryselius
Beauty and the Beast:
Belle- Lindsey Haugen
Prince- Brandon Fowler
Beast- Larry Pool
Enchantress- Becky Baert
Gaston- Wade Tischhauser
Saloon Girls- Taryn Sarto, Jen Flatland, Becky Baert
Cogsworth- Abby Lewis
Babette- Anne Fritsch
Lumiere- Jacob Bliujus
Mrs. Potts- Kaitlyn Rollo
Chip- Brooke Baurer
Aristocrat with Dog- Misty Villagomez
Painter- Tallory Wendell
Baker- Lydia Jacobson
Bookkeeper/Librarian- Gina Misitano
Chefs- “Be Our Guest”
1. Clara Coran 2. Lydia Jacobson 3. Brooke Bend 4. Emily Fox 5. Kamryn
King 6. Jill Thomas 7. Misty Villagomez 8. Gina Misitano I/II, Tallory
Wendell III/IV
Townspeople- Opening Beauty & the Beast Scene
Cast I/III- 1. Kate Taylor 2. Alexis Gardner 3. Sydney Goldie 4. Ellie Books
5. Laila Martinez 6. Madelyn Gieseke
Cast II/IV- 1. Olivia Brown 2. Lexi Crossen 3. Sonali Jain 4. Brady McCue
5.Isabella Marello 6. Caitlin Decoudres

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