DeKalb County Senior Tax Levy Distribution FY 2019


The County of DeKalb is soliciting bids for use of FY 2019 Senior Tax Levy funds. The voters of DeKalb County approved a .025% tax levy by referendum in 1997. The County Government expects to collect and distribute approximately $406,000 generated by this levy.

The County Board has restricted the use of the funds to the prevention of the premature institutionalization of seniors. Keeping seniors out of expensive nursing homes and hospitals results in an aggregate cost savings for the taxpayers.

FY 2018 funds were awarded for services provided by nine agencies: Barb City Manor, Elder Care Services, Family Service Agency, Fox Valley Older Adult Services, Hope Haven, Kishwaukee Family YMCA, Opportunity House, Prairie State Legal Services, and Voluntary Action Center.

The County is again soliciting bids from providers of services to DeKalb County Seniors which will prevent premature institutionalization. Request for Bids can be obtained by contacting the DeKalb County Community Action Department through the DeKalb County website under the “Invitation to Bid” section, or the DeKalb County Community Action Department website . Request for Bids are due no later than 4:30pm Monday, February 26, 2018.

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