So What Happened to Your Resolution?


So What Happened to Your Resolution? Why that 2-3 Day Cleanse and 21, 42 or 6 Week Program Never Work. Click here to watch Ray’s video on Facebook to learn more!

Eating to Lose Weight does NOT have to be Boring.
Learn to make great tasting meals that will help you lose weight. Eat by Color is a simple way to make better food choices. It is NOT a diet. We will send you some sample Eat by Color meal ideas and recipes to kick start your weightloss.

Things to Do with Protein Powder * Protein Shake Recipes
Variety * Learn New Eat by Color Recipe Tricks
Meal Recipes* No More Same Old Same Old for Dinner

Great Tasting Eat by Color Weight loss Recipes
by Ray Binkowski from DeKalb’s Fitworkz!

Eat by Color Recipes here!

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