Two Drones Classes Offered this week and next


Drone technology is a relatively new field and in its infant stages.  There is literally nowhere to go but up! Kishwaukee College is offering the public two different Drones classes this week and next.

If you are thinking about getting a drone or already have one and are not sure what to do with it, Drones 101 course is for you. This class will cover:

  • Basic drone flying techniques
  • Basic drone operation safety tips
  • How to conduct a “pre-flight inspection”
  • How to determine if the conditions are safe to fly your drone
  • The difference between a “toy and a professional” drone
  • When your new drone needs to be registered with the FAA

This is a one time class with two different times available:

Dates Location Days Times Cost Course Code
1/16/18 Kishwaukee College B1205 T 9am-12pm $15 REC 709 5004
1/23/18 Kishwaukee College B1205 T 6:00p-9:00p $15 REC 709 5005


Need to learn more about how to use that new Drone you received over the Holidays? Come join Kishwaukee College’s Continuing Education Drones 102 Class to learn how. This is a one time class with two different times available. Each session is $15. Registration Information can be found here.

Drones 102 class will cover:
-Is your new aircraft safe to fly?
-Are the weather conditions safe to fly your drone?
-What FAA rules apply to the area where you want to fly your drone?
-What FAA rules apply to flying a drone professionally?
-What additional privileges does a professional drone pilot have over a hobbyist?

Dates Location Days Time Cost Course Code
01/18/18 Kishwaukee College B1205 TH 9:00 am-12:00pm $15 REC 709 5002
01/25/18 Kishwaukee College B1205 TH 6:00 pm-9:00 pm $15 REC 709 5003


Some drone flying experience would be useful but not necessary for this course. Instructor will demonstrate how to fly a drone. Instructor will demonstrate how to fly a drone.  Participants should not bring their drones to either class.  Hosted by Kishwaukee College Alumni Community.