6 Musts for Hosting a Viewing Party


people cheering in living room watching football game

The season with the highest number of TV viewers is upon us: there’s the Big Game and the awards season honoring the year’s best performances. Whether or not your favorites win, you can score big in one arena: the good ol’ viewing party.

Read these tips to get your home perfectly prepped for your viewing party.

  • Get set for guests. Prepare your home, inside and out. Shovel and salt your walkway and sidewalk to avoid slips and falls outside. Inside, rearrange furniture to avoid clutter and create a clear path to the bathroom and snack table.
  • Let your neighbors know. If you live in a condo or apartment building or if parking is tight on your street, give your neighbors and your landlord a heads up that you’re expecting an influx of folks and noise.
  • Test your tech. According to CBS, the big game in 2016 set a new record for the record for live streaming: 3.96 million unique viewers. If you’re live streaming any big events this year, be sure your router is secure to avoid the risk of getting hacked.
  • Hunger Strike. When you’re prepping your kitchen and getting ready to serve your favorite game-day food, make sure your appliances are in good working order, especially if you plan to use your slow cooker.  
  • About that snack table… If your game plan includes serving adult beverages along with chips and dip, read up on your host liquor liability. Most states hold party hosts responsible for what guests end up doing behind the wheel.
  • Talk to the pros. Still not sure if you have enough coverage to make your viewing party a sweeping success? Ask your ERIE Agent. They’ll help to ensure your event is a big win. 

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