High Water Bills Attributed to Delay in Meter Reading


Recently, some City of DeKalb water customers may have received a water bill that was higher than normal. In December 2017, a mobile meter reading device failed to collect meter readings for customers south of Lincoln Highway and in a small area in the northeast portion of DeKalb. The Public Works Department sent the meter reading device out for repair and upon return of the device, the route was read again in mid-January 2018.

Because the second reading occurred approximately 20 days after the first reading, the reading captured those additional days of water use and included them on the water bill due February 21, 2018. This resulted in a higher than normal bill for those customers on the affected route. Residents experiencing this increase on their bill should receive a smaller than normal bill during the next billing cycle as that bill will include fewer days of service. We would like to ensure residents that the bill they received accurately reflects their water usage. Any additional cost on the bill is attributed to an increase in the number days between meter readings and not a meter reading error. Finance Department staff is available to answer any questions regarding City water bills at the customer service counter in City Hall or by calling 815-748-2000.

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