Treasurer Announces Two New Ways to Speed Up Getting Unclaimed Property


We have launched two new programs to make it easier and faster to claim your unclaimed property that has been surrendered to the treasurer’s office. Each new program is a direct result of listening to you.

Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs

E-Claiming allows individuals to use a computer to send documents electronically to a safe and secure website. Moving electronic documentation away from snail mail will save weeks in processing time.

Fast Track allows quick approval for simple, small-dollar claims. An automated review process compares claimant information with information already available on the unclaimed property, such as a social security number, mailing address or name change.

Now, to be fair, some claims are just difficult. For example, claims that involve a relative who passed away typically will not be eligible for E-Claiming or Fast Track.

Also, claims that involve multiple owners living at multiple addresses still will require additional paperwork to confirm relationships and identities. Why? Well, of the fraud attempts we encounter every day, the most common type involves family members against family members.

However, most people do it right and play by the rules. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and advice. Your ideas led us to creating E-Claiming and Fast Track.

Michael W. Frerichs
Illinois State Treasurer

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