Wooden Box Theater live at Common Grounds Tuesday


This Tuesday, February 13th at 5:00pm, Common Grounds of DeKalb will host area performance group Wooden Box Theater inside of it’s downtown location as they showcase an event that will display local theatrical performers, belly dance, and live music with their production of “Lost in Your Light” The event takes it name from the Dua Lipa song of the same name, which was featured on her self titled 2017 CD.

“Lost in Your Light” will feature guest hosts Mychelle Bryanne, Ashley Ney, and Pamela Schmid. Ashley Ney makes her much anticipated return to Wooden Box Theater, having last performed with the group during it’s 2012 event series at the House Cafe and Ellwood House.

Live music will be provided by Robyn Byrd, Bill Leighly, Jaysen Curran, Joel LaVaughn, NeverclearX, Matt Carlson of Section Gang, and Zephirine Moon Garden of ForeverStardust. Area rap performer Alan ‘AC’ Crosby of the performance duo, True Flight, will perform a set of poetry during the event. Crosby makes his return to performing with Wooden Box Theater during the event, having last appeared with the group in late 2012.

Common Grounds in DeKalb continues to support area musicians with an easy going and creative venue in which to show their talents. Dan Sherrill explains, “The owner, Jeff Foster, is very supportive of local talent, in both providing a stage for performances, but also displaying fliers for area events inside his cafe, as an event planner, this is the ideal venue in which to bring a performance team like ours.”

The event was written and conceived by Daniel Sherrill and Zephirine Moon Garden. On their recent event writing partnership, Sherrill explains, “Zephrine and I work really well together, she has been a vital part of the group since 2011, but this year we decided to join as co-writers, our collaboration as writers has really shined over the past several events, and I’m lucky to have her input both musically and artistically.” Zephirine Moon Garden will also showcase a set of belly dance performance throughout the night.

Wooden Box Theater, as a performance and event writing team, began on stage during an edition of Open Mic at the House Cafe in the summer of 2006, and continues to evolve into an event directing team which has toured area venues in DeKalb and Kane County since. Their events typically feature a running story-line, along with exclusive live musical performances, and guest hosts, along with theatrical segments. The group will return to the House Cafe stage, where it started, in May, for a reunion event with the venue.

“Lost in Your Light” is the third event in the group’s series of live events titled, ‘The Re:Emergence of Wooden Box Theater,’ which began in October at their event at the Ellwood House Visitor’s Center, and the tour will wrap on April 21st with “Chasing that Moon : Beatles Nite 8” at University Suite inside the Holmes Student Center at NIU.

Wooden Box Theater appearing in ‘Lost in Your Light’ will be held Tuesday February 13th from 5:00-9:00 pm at Common Grounds located at 150 E. Lincoln Hwy in downtown DeKalb, phone: 815-255-4009.  Admission is free and open to the public. For more information visit their Facebook event page.

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